Tuesday, September 10, 2013

thicker-than-milk-so-they-call-it-solid foods!

Layla turned 4 months while Grandma was visiting, so since the pediatrician gave us the go ahead, we tried some rice cereal. It was HIIIII-larious.

Before we get to that though, Layla's stats: On July 24, she was 25.75inches (92%ile), 14lbs 11oz (59%ile), 42cm head circumference (85%ile). She is continuing on her same trajectory as she has been all along. She has glorious baby thunder thighs, which we love. You can kinda see them in the picture below... there are little almost-donut rolls. 

We mixed up some really thin cereal and milk, and I held Layla while Mike fed her with the spoon. She really wasn't sure about the spoon at first, but since we've fed her a few more times, she seems to like the spoon- she gums it/sucks on it like a bottle. She started grabbing the spoon with both hands and shoving it in her mouth. Since her 4 month birthday, we have been making thicker and thicker rice cereal and have been continuing to add cereal to her bottles. 

At tis point, Layla was having some trouble sleeping through the night- she was getting up around 1 or 2 am and again around 4. Not sure if it was a phase, but she stopped the 1 or 2 am hang out sesh, and has moved on to getting up once, but around 3:30. By Friday, I run out of energy, but I am glad for a few minutes with her in the morning. Even if I am pretty much sleeping. 

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