Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rolling over!

Layla started rolling over right at the beginning of July! What a big girl!!! She would work so hard to roll over, and then get FURIOUS as soon as she was on her tummy. But she was lifting her head and using her little arms to hoist herself up.

We went to a wedding at the end of August, and early July, we decided (after the drama of the ride to and from TN) that we wouldn't drive the 9 hours to Canada, but that we would fly. So we had to get the wee one a passport. We were trying to take a picture of her at home, but ended up needing to get one at the professional place. But here was my favorite of our practice shots.

 I ended up working on the 4th of July doing night observations, because usually the 4th is a big night for trauma, so it's great for my observations. It ended up being a low key night, but I did get to see the DC fireworks from the helipad at the hospital.

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