Saturday, September 7, 2013

Birthday Weekend

In late June, the whole Henrickson side of the family met in Tennessee for the annual Birthday Weekend Extravaganza. It was made extra extravaganzy because Uncle Mark was going to drive a race car on the Bristol Speedway, the "world's fastest half-mile" or as I like to call it "tiny, loud, death trap". 

It was great fun to see the whole family and get Layla some more time with her grandparents, and great aunts and uncles, and uncle Matt.

the birthday siblings
As you can see, we all have matching hats, as we were Uncle Mark's RACETEAM!!! 

When the guys walked in from "safety training", they were playing "the final countdown". It was pretty epic. 

Uncle Mark did great. We were all very proud. And Layla was actually fine at the race track, which surprised us a little- it was super loud. We had a wonderful weekend with everyone. 

The ride home was a little less fun. Here are Layla's moods as the ride went on:

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