Saturday, September 7, 2013

the pout

One night, Mike and I decided to grill out and were just sitting on our back deck with Layla. She and I were having a nice time, lots of spitting and slobbering and cooing, and all the sudden... this.

We couldn't stop laughing. It was hilarious. This was back in mid-june, so at this point, Layla was just really starting to be ok with tummy time. Mike got some great action shots of the squirt.

We both put the second one on our phones as our backgrounds, and every time I open my phone I start to laugh. We have had so much joy with Layla. At this point, if I am remembering right, Layla was sleeping through the night pretty well. We have established 8pm as her bed time, and she seemed to be ok with it. If she went to bed at 8, she'd get up around 2 and then at about 5, so that worked ok for me and work. 

It was hot hot hot during June, so we went on a lot of evening walks, Layla, Opie and I, to give Mike some alone time. Layla switched around to be front facing in her Bjorn (big girl!!)

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