Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big girl reading

Layla loves her books. She tries to put them all in her mouth. We let her try to turn the pages, which she seems to have figured out.

Layla recognizes bottles and that it means she gets to eat soon. She is sleeping on her tummy these days. She really likes playing with her rings that Grandma got her. She also enjoys playing in her jumparoo, which gives Mama and Daddy some time to rest their backs. She makes lots of noise- mostly squeals, babbles and lots of humming. She giggles very infrequently, so it feels like a super achievement when you get her to laugh. Mike is the champion at getting her to laugh. She notices Opie and watches him walk around. Opie still does not really care about her. She continues to love rice cereal and we're looking forward to trying solids soon. She is trying to sit up, but still falls over pretty regularly, which is really funny. She goes to bed pretty easily, but fights naps. It is so hard to leave her in the mornings, but knowing she is safe with Mike makes it easier. We are tentatively settling into a rhythm. We love this little baby. We get into bed and get out our phones and compare pictures we took over her through the day. 

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