Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our week

This week was pretty low key for the Parker family. On Saturday of last week we got the chance to go out to lunch with our friends, Susanna and Craig. I met Susanna through work, and she happened to have her daughter Annette or Annie just a few weeks after Layla. They happen to live in the next neighborhood over, so she and I walk together with the girls in the evenings and most weekends, if she's not on call. We decided to do a back to back comparison for Annie and Layla...

Also this week, Layla has started noticing Opie more. She now laughs when he kisses her and she reaches for him when he walks past. She likes to grab his hair, which both Mike and I worry about a bit since Opie sheds like it's no body's business... Layla gets a big handful and then of course tries to put it in her mouth. Disgusting.

Layla also enjoys riding on Daddy's shoulders or on the top of his head. She digs her little fingers into his hair and hangs on. There's a lot of drool involved, but it's pretty cute. :)

the glee in her face. 
Mike caught this beautiful picture of Layla when she was playing after her nap. I am not sure why, but I can't stop looking at it. I think it's her eyelashes and her little peaceful lips. Or her eyes. Or the fact that she's my baby. I don't know. Could be anything :)

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