Wednesday, January 30, 2013

32 weeks

Here we are at 32 weeks.

Mike and I are excelling at parenting already. We know this because:

  1. The baby isn't due for 8 weeks and we have ALREADY GOTTEN A CRIB!!! Granted, it's still sitting in a box in the front hall, BUT! We HAVE a CRIB! Dad and Jennifer were incredibly generous and bought a beautiful crib for us that converts into a toddler bed and then a single grown up bed. 
  2. This evening, Opie was being naughty. Mike said, "Opie..." in his most warning voice. Opie went upstairs and put himself in time out. 
  3. We are making lots of big decisions that have to be thought about over the course of a few days
  4. We are doing our taxes and it's January.
We decided to go with blue, yellow, green and pink for the color scheme overall in the room. So, I went to the fabric store and started getting things to recover the chair, which I think will be light green.  The dresser is already a french blue, and the other colors match the sheets we registered for. I think we have some beautiful ideas finally for the room. I am working on making a slipcover for the chair. Fingers crossed that I have the patience to make that happen.

 I decided to make a mobile for the baby, and here's the first/inner ring. I pasted yellow and blue fabric on either side of card stock and cut out butterflies. Then I attached them with clear thread. Then I tied the thread to an embroidery ring. I started with one small ring and then will do a larger one on the outside. We'll put this over her bed. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

31 weeks and Inauguration!

Here we are!  Again with the stupid face in the pictures, but baby girl is growing and kicking! I went to the doctor on Thursday and everything seems to be going well. I am now to the point in my pregnancy where I can't go more than 2 hours away from the hospital. That is crazy. 

It was a week of adventures. After Scare left on Tuesday, I gave a grand rounds at the VA and taught class. Then Josh and Erin Podvin came to visit on Saturday, and I worked on the baby's room on Sunday and we went to the inauguration on Monday!!  

This is the library wall. It is just a start- I am doing 1 more row above and 1 more row below, for a total of 4 rows on each wall. We got a rocking chair/easy chair for $30 off craigslist. I need to recover it, but we are both really pleased with our purchase. The baby's room is starting to come together!

The inauguration was a really incredible experience. The music was beautiful. For some reason, during the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, I started getting really emotional. It was so beautiful. 

My invitation!!! Erin got it from their representative in Georgia! Thanks to the state of GA for letting me have an awesome experience!

The metro- jam packed. 

The waiting masses...

View from where we stood

The parade route

On their way to the inaugural ball. So beautiful. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

30 Weeks

Here we are at 30 weeks! I can absolutely not believe we are at 30 weeks... yikes. This is about to get real.

The baby looks good in this picture, but my face looks ridiculous. I suppose I'll have to get used to that. 

We had a wonderful weekend visit with Scare. It was great to have her around- she was super patient with Mike and I when we went to Babies R Us. That's true friendship. She and I sat in Blueberry's room for a while and talked about different ideas of what we could do with it- I think we're closer to some good ideas for the room. We went to Ikea to see if we could find some furniture, but we didn't find much, so we just got some organizational stuff, a laundry basket, and a hanging star. We finally started our registry at Babies R Us the other day- we are still working on getting it finished.

Yesterday I worked on putting together two diaper caddies- this is a tiny but important victory for me. They smell like babies. I love them.

I went to the doctor today, got to hear the wee one's heart. Sounded glorious. She is kicking all the time now, even when I am lecturing, which is pretty funny for me. I can't wait to meet this little girl.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aaaand we're back

So, unfortunately we have been without internet since Dec 15. We have only just gotten back online on Tuesday. As in Tuesday Jan 8. So that was pretty ridiculous. I felt strange about posting at work, and didn't think posting via phone was a good idea.

Here are the things that have happened according to my calendar:

Dec 17- we moved to our new house. It's awesome. Three floors. Two working fireplaces. A deck. The entrance floor is hardwood. A lovely neighborhood. Three bedrooms. The window to the left as you are looking at the photo below is the baby's room.

Dec 18-23- work, unpack, do observations

Dec 24- I volunteered at Miriam's Kitchen. This was an excellent way to spend Christmas Eve. Matt arrived for Christmas in the evening. This is our christmas tree- I bought it at home depot on Dec 23 for $25. It was very pretty. Our house looked really lovely for having moved less than 10 days prior and for having only unpacked about 3/4 of our stuff. One of the best things about our new house is that it's much more space than our old place. So we have actually unpacked almost everything, rather than just storing stuff in boxes for a ridiculous amount of time. The ornaments below are our two first Blueberry ornaments! My mom got the first- it's a tiny little picture of the sonogram. The second is from Mike's Uncle Bob, who is an incredibly talented artist. He painted a beautiful tiny water color of a blueberry.

Dec 25- CHRISTMAS!!!!

It is our family tradition to have sausage biscuits and gravy for Christmas breakfast. Matt and Mike were so happy and natural when they were eating! 

Then we opened presents. We got some awesome stuff. 

Dec 26-28- Matt stayed and visited. It was really lovely. We just hung out, ate good food, and I did some work. I wish I had taken more pictures. We had really nice fires each night and Matt and I watched cartoon movies or he played video games while I did nothing or played with the dogs (still no cable or internet).

Dec 28- Jan 2- Mike and I drove to Kentucky to see his Mom and Jacob, Emily and Madeleine. We had such a wonderful Christmas with Karen. She outdid herself with wonderful presents for the wee girl. Also, one of Mike's family traditions is for him to get Legos for Christmas. This year, he got something to build with the baby girl. 

Another of Mike's family's traditions is to have absolutely glorious meals for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner. Holy moly. This is the only thing I had time to photograph before it was in my belly. We also played Euchre- Mike's team won. Blah. No one really cared that much.

the first torch test.

Dec 31- WE HAD AN AWESOME NEW YEARS!!! We spent some great time with Jacob, Emily, Madeleine and Liz. What a great time- it was so easy and lovely.  I saw the ball drop and then saw the back of my eyelids. We had a great time. Truly.

Unfortunately, I really sucked at taking photos. Emily did a great job, and the photos she took are on her blog 

Jan 1- We were blessed by Karen's dear girlfriends throwing us a beautiful baby shower. They were so kind. I felt nervous about the idea of a shower- but this was so easy and nice. She has really loving friends and they have taken us under their collective motherly/grandmotherly wings. It's obvious how much they love Karen.

The most delicious strawberry cake ever.

Opening presents- a very cute sleeping sack is in this one!

Just his size!

The lovely ladies (and Mike and I). 
Jan 3-6 Work

Jan 7- start teaching my Systems Safety Engineering course for the medical students. This is one of my favorite things to do with my job. It's resource intensive, but I love doing it. We teach 3x per week for 1 month, so it's an intense experience for the students (and the teachers).

Jan 8-9- Work

Jan 10- give big presentation to leadership at my hospital. 

Jan 11- that's today! I went to happy hour today. That's about all I did to contribute to the world. 

News on the Blueberry: she is doing well. She is average in all ways. She is kicking and rolling around. She is giving me cramps, but I have consulted with my doctor and many of my medical friends and family, and all is ok, I think. Just normal growing pains. I am thankful to finally be home and awake for greater than an hour. 

I promise that I now will go back to regular posting. I have grown immensely, I think, in the last month. I will post pictures soon. Once I am not in my jammies. 

Happy weekend!