Thursday, March 7, 2013

37 weeks- Thankfulness

Here we are at 37 weeks. I think overall I am feeling good and have had it pretty easy compared to most women in their 37th week. I am feeling a bit run down these days and definitely embracing the waddle-phase. I am starting to feel like my body is getting ready for this little one. She is all up in my ribs, especially on my right side. I am kind of looking forward to when she drops a little bit more!

 Mike helped me take pictures, resulting in this photo.

As you can see, I am starting to get to the point that clothes don't so much fit any more... this might be an awkward 3 weeks.

We are so thankful for all the gifts we have gotten this week. Not only have we received all of the main things that we needed off the registry (THANK YOU!!!), Jordan and Scare threw us a virtual shower. They asked people to send us books that were meaningful to them and write a little message on the inside. How incredible. We have gotten books from friends and family from all over the US and UK. We have had such a great time reading the inside messages to The Blueberry. This is our lovely collection to date. Kids books are hilarious, and the art is absolutely incredible. We can't wait to read the books to her and tell her about all the people that sent them. There's even a couple of blueberry themed books!

We have packed our hospital bags. I take that back. I have packed MY hospital bag. Mike nagged me for a week until I finally packed mine, and he actually has made it to the phase where his bag is sitting at the bottom of the stairs waiting to be taken upstairs and packed. I'll let him off the hook because he installed the baby seat in the car and has been doing the lion's share of the laundry, cooking and cleaning over the last couple of days.

Last weekend I tried really hard on Saturday to get a lot done because I am getting progressively less mobile and more tired through the day. One of my most major accomplishments to date, regardless of pregnancy was to change the headlight in my car. I went to Advanced Auto, bought the bulb and then looked up a video on youtube for installation. I did a small victory lap around the car by myself when it worked.

All in all, we are doing well. We cleaned our room and set up the bassinet friends Raj and Krista loaned  us and got a little diaper station put together in our room. Then we cleaned up the nursery. So exciting!!!

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