Thursday, March 14, 2013

38 weeks

Here we are with 2 weeks to go!!!

I did a meet and greet with a pediatrician in our area today, and I liked her, so I think we're going to go with her. She's about 10 minutes away, which is pretty great considering DC's traveling times/distances. Mike things the baby has dropped a little bit, and if the pressure that I am feeling in my hips is any indication, she has definitely dropped. I am uncomfortable these days and really ready to meet the little girl. 

I was at a conference Sunday through Tuesday of this week, and I overdid it a little bit. Though the conference was supposed to end today, I came home yesterday because I was exhausted and just felt weird. It's hard to describe, but I just feel weird most of the time now. My mom says it's just the body preparing, and I am sure that's correct. That's how it feels, but it's hard to describe.

We have continued to get incredibly thoughtful gifts and specifically books from friends and family. One of the most amazing things is that friends young and old have sent their favorite books. In addition, our friends from overseas have sent some children's books that are specific to their home countries, so Blueberry will be able to read the same books as kids in the USA, Scotland, England, Canada and Switzerland. Amazing. Mike and I are both so thankful for the kindness and thoughtfulness everyone has shown us. Reading the messages on the front covers of books has been such a gift. I've said this before, but the wee one is already so loved, I can't wait for her to meet everyone. 

Opie has been practicing keeping watch over the nursery. I can't tell if he knows what's going on, but he's stopped putting his head on my belly, and when we go to sleep he curls up in a ball at my feet. it's possible that he can't put his head on my belly anymore because it sticks up and would be uncomfortable. I prefer to think it's because he knows the baby is coming soon. He has started sitting in the baby's room with his chin on the window sill watching out the window. It's pretty cute. 


  1. ha. she's dropped sarah. she's on her way! i love that opie is hanging out in the nursery. have you seen those videos of dogs helping the babies go to sleep? goggle newborns and huskies...its AMAZING. i cannot wait to meet blue. i'm already in love with her. :)

    1. The nursery looks adorable! I can not wait to sit in that chair and hold that little baby! You've done a wonderful job getting ready and you look absolutely precious! I wish I could see you in person and put my hand on your belly!

      Love overflows,