Thursday, March 21, 2013

39 weeks- soooooo clooooseeee!!!!

 Here we are at 39 weeks! I am getting practice contractions pretty frequently these days, but they're not regular or intense enough to be early labor, I don't think. They are getting stronger, and have been the most intense this evening.

We finally put the finishing touches on the nursery! I think it looks really sweet. Jen sent us one of her rag rugs, and Opie loved it!!

Mike hung the bunting I made over the weekend. We have slanted ceilings, so we needed something to cover all that empty space. I love the room because it's a combination of old and new things, and is full of really special little things- the chair cover and dust ruffle Mom made, the rug Jen made, the bunting I made, the amazing gifts like the super sweet baby monitor from Karen, and the little insta-nanny diaper/feeding counter device my wonderful babysitter Stephanie (as in, she was my babysitter- she remains the best) gave us. Mike's great grandfather's signature, my grandmother's picture, an old chair and dresser, new crib and books. This video isn't great quality, but it gives an idea of what the nursery looks like.

I went on 2 walks today, trying to get this show on the road! I go to the doctor tomorrow morning, so we'll see what she says!

Mike has to help me tie my shoes. I tried to take a picture of it, but obviously got mostly belly.

That's what I meant to do, just needed to hold the camera out a little (lot). The $5 is for Blueberry's piggy bank from GrandMargaret and Uncle Bob!

We are in the final countdown!!!! (sung like Europe)

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