Friday, November 9, 2012

The Big Announcement!

Mike and I are absolutely over the moon to let everyone know, the apple of our eyes is an amazing little


The Blueberry was cooperative today. All it took was a little orange juice and a calm mommy. We both absolutely loved this picture.

You can see her little ribs through her thin skin and her ear looks so sweet.  In the one below, you can see the her umbilical cord. It was great to see her heart with all four chambers and little valves opening and closing. Her nose is so wee! 

I went to the cardiologist, and all is good. I think I was dehydrated and my own diagnosis is that perhaps I wasn't eating right. I was eating a lot of fruit and had been eating a lot of junk food, because is what I've wanted to eat. So, I've reupped my veggie intake, and am drinking at least 2x the water I was drinking. Fear not, I am still eating my m&ms, but I am just complimenting it with more veggies.

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