Wednesday, November 14, 2012

21 weeks

Here we are at 21 weeks. I feel like I popped overnight. I swear, yesterday I didn't look as pregnant as I do today. I couldn't sleep last night, so maybe the baby was growing a lot (???).

Dress my mom got me- very cute. Also, getting better at looking normal in self photos. 

 I am not sure if it's real, but I do feel that I have baby brain. I completely forgot where I parked the car at the hospital this morning. So, that was a fun 25 minutes of directionless wandering.

Tummy sticking out! 
This is one of the cute sweaters that our friend Emily sent along for  maternity wear. I get so many compliments on her clothes when I wear them... I think when I go back to non maternity, I might need to get her to help me shop. 

I swear, I could see my toes much more easily yesterday. 
I have been doing a lot of thinking about the baby's room. I think we have a few good ideas, but no dedicated color scheme yet. We'll get there. I want to be deliberate about this, and not let it get away with me like most of my decorating does. I think the main thing we have agreed on is that there will be one wall entirely dedicated to books. Because we'll still be renting, we can't paint, so we will get some plate rails normally used to display plates, but will put books on them. So they are simultaneously providing color and variation, but also very functional. Mike and I are so excited about reading to our little girl, this is the perfect combination of decorative and functional. We are already starting a wonderful collection of books thanks to our friends Chad and Jen, my mom, and Mike's aunt Margaret (she's a children's librarian, so she's our hook up- book hook up? book up?). 

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