Wednesday, November 21, 2012

22 weeks

Here we are at 22 weeks!

I went to the doctor yesterday- I already feel like I see the doctor more than my husband, but now I have to start going 2x/month... ah well! The baby is in all measurements average- average tummy measures for me, anatomy growth scan was all average, and I am gaining average weight. All good! I can feel her kicking a bit more, and I keep trying to help Mike feel it, but the Dr said that it's still pretty early for that. Though it doesn't prevent me from waking him up at 6am to see if he can feel her kicking like I can!

My temperature is actually normal now, which is unusual for me- usually my basal temp is a bit low. But the wee girl is warming me up! My blood pressure is still low, but closer to my normal level. So the doctor said I don't have to go back to the cardiologist and get a 24 hour monitor. Phew.

I kinda like that you can see the bump pretty well now. 

Dad and Matt are coming for Thanksgiving- they arrive later tonight. I am very excited for food and football and hanging out with my favorite men. It sounds a bit silly, but I am glad the Blueberry will get to hear their voices too.

Mike and I have spent today getting ready, it's been a pretty low stress day- just cooking and tasting and cooking and eating lunch and tasting and also tasting. I started making pumpkin pie before I realized that I threw out my pie pan a few weeks ago because it was cruddy, so I had to improvise. I must say, I am very proud of the results.

Pumpkin Pie Tarts
We won't be short on food. I'll post before and after shots later. I absolutely love Thanksgiving. I am thankful for so many things, but for now, I'll just leave it that having my family visit, and knowing that the baby girl already has so many people who love her is filling my heart to overflowing.

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