Saturday, October 13, 2012

I love Saturday morning

What a great start to a Saturday. It is an absolutely perfect early fall day. Cool, but with beautiful sunshine and heavy dew. The outside smells faintly of wood fire and mud. It's my most favorite time of the year, I think. This morning we were up early, which I absolutely adore on the weekend. I know I sound about 9 million years old, but I will take early Saturday morning over late Friday night almost every time. Also, turn down that music and get off my lawn!

Opie and I went to Rock Creek Park this morning, because he has been out of his mind lately with energy. I think this week was kind of hard on him because I was at work for long hours, and then am tired in the evening, so although he gets his 30 minutes in the morning and 30-45 minutes in the evening of exercise, he is used to more stimulation. Plus, he is a puppy of routines, which ultimately I am very thankful for, but he never does well with slight schedule changes. With Mike gone, he is having to adjust to my schedule.

So this morning we went to the park and I threw the ball for over an hour. He ran around like a crazy puppy (side note: when we went to the vet this week, she informed me that Opie will soon be a "senior." I laughed at her.) and would've continued to run, but the park police told me I had to put him back on a leash and I decided just to bring him home.

Last night, my good friend came over and she and I ate dinner and watched a movie, but Opie was being kind of a pain. I had to put him in "time out" (go to his kennel) once, and after about 5 minutes, I let him out. He was good for about half an hour, and then started being naughty again and all I had to do was say "Opie..." in my most warning tone, and he put himself into time out! I consider this a parenting victory. You know, because dogs are exactly the same as humans. 

In other news:

Pregnancy. I am feeling very good, though still get nauseous for about half an hour after breakfast in the morning. This is completely manageable though. Preggie pops and this organic tea my mom sends me does wonders. Possibly all placebos, but I care not. If it helps, I will keep doing it. We got the amazing box of maternity clothes as well as a couple books and (importantly) some of Mike's favorite whiskey from Jacob and Emily. What a gift!!! No weird cravings yet, but I tend to find myself feeling much better if I eat fresh food, like salads or fruit. My body still doesn't really love meat, but I need it because I have low iron and the iron vitamins make me ill. So, I am really trying to eat red meat at least once a week if not more. 

Work. The presentation went really well. I was very relieved. I have said this many times, but improv absolutely changed my life in so many ways. I still call on certain skills I learned in theatre and improv in my day-to-day work life. Especially when it comes to presenting.  Also, I did data analysis all day Friday and my data looks really good. I know it sounds uber-nerdy, but I am so excited. And if you have nothing to do today, please call me so we can talk about my excellent kappas (not a euphemism). Work is really good these days. I love what I do and continue to be amazed that someone is willing to pay me to do this stuff. 

Marriagebreaktober. Over it.

Have a wonderful fall Saturday!

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