Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby. Time.

These last few weeks have been quite the whirlwind. Mike and I are expecting!! We are 15 weeks now. I went to the doctor again on Monday and the baby is doing great. We will have our 20 week scan in November. Mike is going to get to come to that scan- he's unfortunately had to miss the last 2, so this will be great. Whenever we hear the little heartbeat we both want to hear it for EVER. It's incredible to think that there's a little something growing in there... but it's finally starting to look like there is!

This is me now:

Notice the wee belly! (please notice the whiteness of the belly less). Here is the reason I was in a bathing suit: 

We got to go to the beach. It was marvelous. Just Mike and I and about a million books. We have had very limited time together lately because of work commitments. And on top of inconsistent schedule, the this month has been rechristened "marriagebreaktober" due to the fact that there are a total of 6 days this month that Mike and I will both be in our apartment simultaneously. Mike's at Genius Training (though I bet he is training all those JV geniuses- compliment = 5 wife points, please) for 3 solid weeks and then I go to a conference myself for a week.

Thinking about baby stuff is simultaneously exciting and petrifying. We made a big purchase toward baby stuff this weekend. It's a used Honda CRV, perfect size for baby, baby accoutrement, Opie, plus us.

Happy Tuesday!

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