Tuesday, October 9, 2012

16 weeks

So, here are the things that I have learned about pregnancy this week: 

1) 16 weeks is my magical week! No nausea or throwing up this week. It is WONDERFUL! I am feeling good now, and am getting excited about everything that is happening. 

2) I have needed to ask for help a lot more lately. Marriagebreaktober has been a bit challenging for me, mostly because I miss Mike, but also I am pretty tired. I have had excellent chats with friends and family lately, and that has made a world of difference. In addition, our friends Emily and Jacob are sending lots of maternity clothes and books our way. This is an incredible gift. I guess I am realizing how much help I need and how important it is... I want our child to grow up knowing how many people have given his/her parents a boost, just by their kindness and love. I hope we can do the same for future mamas and papas. 

3) I got a suit for a presentation tomorrow from this pregnancy clothes rental website, just to try it out, and I am not impressed. Won't be doing that anymore. 

4) self pictures are kinda hard to take- I need a better method. I had to focus really hard to get the first one without the phone covering my face. 


BLUEBERRY'S BUMP!!! you can see it a little bit! 

Bump from my view. 

I give a big presentation at work tomorrow which I am nervous about. Not only am I nervous about the presentation itself, but I have a new thing where my heart starts to race a little bit and I get out of breath easily. Nothing to worry about, but for someone who has always had lower than normal blood pressure and fairly low heart rate, I really notice it when my heart rate goes up.

Apparently, The Blueberry is the size of an avocado! The eyes are closer to the front of the head, and ears are close to their final position. The heart is pumping now and the legs are getting more and more developed. Hopefully soon I will feel the kiddo moving!!!

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