Friday, January 18, 2013

30 Weeks

Here we are at 30 weeks! I can absolutely not believe we are at 30 weeks... yikes. This is about to get real.

The baby looks good in this picture, but my face looks ridiculous. I suppose I'll have to get used to that. 

We had a wonderful weekend visit with Scare. It was great to have her around- she was super patient with Mike and I when we went to Babies R Us. That's true friendship. She and I sat in Blueberry's room for a while and talked about different ideas of what we could do with it- I think we're closer to some good ideas for the room. We went to Ikea to see if we could find some furniture, but we didn't find much, so we just got some organizational stuff, a laundry basket, and a hanging star. We finally started our registry at Babies R Us the other day- we are still working on getting it finished.

Yesterday I worked on putting together two diaper caddies- this is a tiny but important victory for me. They smell like babies. I love them.

I went to the doctor today, got to hear the wee one's heart. Sounded glorious. She is kicking all the time now, even when I am lecturing, which is pretty funny for me. I can't wait to meet this little girl.


  1. Silas kicked while I was lecturing too!! It really is funny trying to ignore little kicks while you are talking to a full room of people. I like your little diaper baskets.

  2. they smell like babies...i love them