Sunday, June 2, 2013

10 weeks and learning so much

Layla turns 10 weeks today. We can't believe it. Our friend Emily once said that when her little girl Maddie was born, it was like she was always there... I think she's exactly right. Although our lives have changed so very much, it's like Layla has always been around somehow.

Opie has been adjusting well to life with this new entity. I don't think he really pays that much attention to her, unless she's playing on her mat in which case he goes over and lays near her and licks her. He has started to sleep in the hallway between our and Layla's room. I find this really sweet, until 1 in the morning when I get up to feed Layla and almost break my neck stepping over him.

I went to book club the other night, and one of the other women there, Jess, has a baby named Isabel that's a week older than Layla... we took some pictures which really put into perspective how tall Layla is!

Layla is doing really well. She's been sleeping in her own room for about a month now, and has organized herself to go to bed between 9 and 10pm. She's also sleeping through the night for the most part. She usually wakes up between 4 and 5 to eat, which works for us because I get up around 5:30 anyway.

We haven't tried to force a schedule on her, as she's too young at this point, but we are trying to get her into a bit of a routine, for both her and our sanity. We've been keeping notes of what she does during the day so that when she gets a little older and we need to start steady nap times, we can make them as close to what she has already established for herself. Also, it helps us keep track of how much she is eating. With me back at work and pumping, Mike is having to handle the majority of the feedings during the day, while I do early morning, evening after work and late night.  Sometimes, Layla gets a bit upset even if she's warm, dry, and full. Mike has helpfully made a note of that.

She is smiling, reaching for things, and doing much better at tummy time.

 She has just noticed that she has hands, which is hilarious. 

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