Friday, May 24, 2013

Parker Family Visit

We have had a busy past 2 weeks!

We went to the doctor on Monday and Layla's updated stats are:
24 in tall (100th percentile)
11 lbs 11 oz (64th percentile)
her head is about 40 cm, which puts her in the 90th percentile-ish (I can't tell from the dr's report the exact numbers on this one.

She got her 2 month immunizations. She handled it like a champ. The nurse who did the shots told us that how we react will dictate how she reacts. So we both held her hands and talked to her while she was getting the shots. When she got them, she screamed bloody murder. One of those silent, open mouth, quivering bottom lip, gasping screams. And of course, like the stellar parents we are, Mike and I both started laughing. The nurse was like, "Um. That's not what I meant."

Layla calmed down pretty quickly, and overall didn't seem too bothered. No temperature or rash or anything. She seemed a bit lethargic, but that's it.

We had the last of our "Grandparent Visits" this week. The Parker family, Mike's Aunt Margaret, Uncle Bob and Cousin Seth, arrived on Saturday morning to meet the lovely Layla. Layla absolutely loved them. She was very relaxed and slept a lot.

We had such a nice visit with them. It was really lovely to have them all the way from Alabama. Bob and Mike did things around the house and Margaret and Seth helped with meals, read and we all played games in the evenings. It was a really nice visit.

We went to the waterfront in Alexandria for a little walk on Sunday afternoon after church. Seth took great care of Layla in her stroller. 

On Monday evening, we got Layla all dressed up in her Alabama finest, so that she and Seth matched. I am sure it won't be long before she's shouting "Rooooolllll Tiiiiiddddeee" with the best of them!

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