Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meeting the family!

This past weekend, Mike, Layla and I went to Salem to see the family and for Roanoke College's graduation. Layla got to meet her Uncle Matt for the first time, along with all her great uncles John and Mark and aunts Judi and Jodi. She even met her 2nd cousin, Silas and his mommy and daddy, Ada and Drew.

I love these mountains. 

Layla getting some serious wisdom

Uncle Mark and Layla. She promptly farted
up a storm... I think it was in UM's honor.

Uncle John and Layla were very good friends.

The babies meet for the first time! Silas is
SO CUTE and grown up at 4 months!

Love this... 

Sleepy girl. 

Matty, AJ and Layla 

Uncle Matt holding her for the first time. 

Jodi and Layla enjoying some downtime.

AJ and Layla solving the problems of the world.

I love this picture. I wish it was in focus.

Jodi and Uncle Mark helping Layla get warm.

Layla also got to meet her step cousins the Browns, who were extremely excited to hold baby Layla. On Sunday morning, we got the opportunity to visit our dear friends Scare and Emily and Katie. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures with Katie (ugh), but we got photos with Emily and Scare. 

Julia and Layla. I used to babysit Julia. 

Sophia and Layla. Sophia was very attentive to Layla's needs.


Such a sweet picture

On our way from DC, we had a minor complication... A vulture chose to have one last bite of roadkill rather than survive, and hit our windshield. Evolution at its finest. We tried to get it fixed on the road, but it couldn't happen so we drove to Salem like this... We didn't even have time to be scared. Layla slept the whole time.

Dad gave the commencement address and we celebrated with the annual Stonewallapalooza, which is a huge party/bluegrass fest Jen and Dad throw in their driveway and backyard for the graduates, staff and faculty of the college. The whole family was there. It was a very celebratory weekend as it was also one of the last big events before Dad retires in June.

Laughs before the address starts.

There were about 5000 people in the audience. 
I was so proud to be in the audience. I was even prouder to have our Layla hear her Grandpa give the talk of a lifetime. He did it without notes and without fear. It was such a special moment to be a part of. Here's a link to his talk. The audio isn't great, but the message is clear. There are a lot of voices out there calling for attention, but the only true call, the only important call is that which tells you your vocation. 

This is challenging. Mike and I have been feeling it and hearing it every day. We are about to embark on a major life shift, with him quitting his professional job and taking on a much more challenging job of staying at home with Layla. I am about to go back to work and to figure out how to be a strong, successful professional leader and most importantly a mom and wife.  We are opening ourselves to a new vocation, a new call. We are doing our best to listen and to not be rigid and to fearlessly enter into this next stage of our lives. 

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