Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grandparents visit 2

We had our second wave of grandparent visits- Mom and Ray were back and then Dad and Jen came. Mom and Ray were only here for a few days, and we had fun playing games in the evenings and Layla showed her prowess in the eating and pooping arenas.

It was wonderful to have Dad and Jen for the weekend, even though the visit was short. Dad was preaching in Manassas, at the same church where he was first called, and where I was baptised. Jen made some delicious dinners and Layla got lots of quality time with Grandpa and Mammy both.

We are so thankful for the family visits. It was lovely to have everyone. It's really weird now to be here just Layla and I, but I am trying to make the most of the time and really treasure it. Our next big adventure is going to Salem on the weekend of May 3 to celebrate Roanoke College's graduation and Dad's retirement. The entire Henrickson family will be there, so Layla will get to meet everyone!

Today we had a big adventure. First, I went to the doctor today, and since I was there I asked them to weigh her and check her height. She has gained 2 pounds since she was born, making her 9 pounds 13 oz. She has also grown 2 inches, so she's 23 inches long! Then we went to have lunch with my work colleagues, all of whom were very excited to meet her. Layla has outgrown her newborn pants. I think her onesies will still fit her, but the pants are now capris.

Mike and I have been attending a local church that we really like. They had a young families event on Saturday, so Layla, Dad, Jen and I went. We had a great time. Layla looked very beautiful. 

We go on a walk at least once every day. Layla has gotten more and more used to her Bjorn and I think she actually likes it now. Mike says it makes her look like a bionic baby. She usually passes out in the time between when I put her in it and when we walk out the door. 

Layla developed a game the other day with her little socks. The elapsed time between these 2 pictures is 35 seconds. I put the sock back on about 10 times. 

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