Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grandparents visit 1

Since last Tuesday we have had our first two sets of grandparent visits! My mom and Ray came first, then went to Salem for the weekend, so Mike's mom, Karen, came for a long weekend. Then my mom and Ray came back, and leave tomorrow. Dad and Jen come on Friday for the weekend.

The sweet girl has extended her schedule slightly- she's eating every 3.5-4 hours during the day, and about every 3 hours at night. The sleep deprivation has caught up with me a bit, but I think we're doing ok. I have been reading some of the books that we got for our shower to Layla during the night- mostly because it keeps me awake.

She is a really really good baby. We are veh-hery lucky.

sleepy ladies
During Mom and Ray's visit, we laid pretty low, making sure Grams (mom) got lots of time with the kiddo. Mom sent along two boxes of books for the Blueberry and going through them brought back lots of memories from my childhood. I was really surprised to see how many children's books Mike and I had in common!

Grams and Layla, enjoying bath time

Pappa Ray 

 Karen brought along two rocking chairs for Layla. The first was an adult size one that has been used for five generations of Parkers. It was originally his Grandmother's mother's- so his Grandmother was rocked in this chair as a baby, Mike's dad was rocked in this chair, Mike was rocked in this chair and now Layla will be rocked in this chair. Karen also brought a tiny rocker that used to be Mike's so Layla can rock too.

Singing along to Daddy and the Eagles
Mike played the piano in the evenings during Karen's visit. It was lovely to fall asleep to them singing and rocking.

Snug as a bug

Rocking out with Nana K
Matthew made Layla the most beautiful name plates for her wall. Yes, you read that right. MADE. As in, cut from wood. Amazing. I can't wait to get them when we see him in a couple of weeks. I really want to hang them in her room.

Layla will never be at a loss for love, that's for sure. 

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